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Breaking News: Naval Base Shooting in Tennessee

Post date 24 October 2013

The US Navy has tweeted #BREAKING: #USNavy can confirm shooting on Navy property.  Early reports indicate that two soldiers  and the suspect have been shot at the Navy base in Millington, TN.  The base was placed on lock-down, according to the twitter source. This facility is the human resources operations center and headquarters to the Navy Personnel Command, Navy Recruiting Command, [...] Continue Reading

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FED QE Tapering Rumors Cause All-Around Market Drop

Post date 09 May 2013

Wall Street — Out of the blue, all the major US markets took a hit this afternoon, allegedly based on a rumor that a Federal Reserve insider anonymously released and indication that the FED may be about to taper their massive ‘quantitative easing’ (QE) program, which has been buying $85 Billion in bonds per month [...] Continue Reading

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Federally Mandated Terror Drills in Denver, Portsmouth, and DC Kicking Off: Media Black-Out?

Post date 08 May 2013

Denver — There is quite a stir in the conspiracy theory world this week.  According to a report on April 22 by ABC News’ online site and other sources, there is a three-city terrorism scenario drill planned to kickoff today, May 7th.  The article posted on April 22nd of this year states that congress has [...] Continue Reading

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This Just In: Williams Sonoma Pulls Pressure Cookers in MA

Post date 24 April 2013

Boston — As reported by ‘The Blaze” program on Sirius Satellite Radio this morning, retailer Williams-Sonoma has announced that it will no longer sell pressure cookers at its brick-and-mortar locations in Massachusetts.  This move appears to be an effort to put Boston area residents at ease by removing easy access to cookware which could be [...] Continue Reading

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Breaking News: AP Twitter Feed Hacked, Fake Terror Alert Causes Markets to Crash/Rebound

Post date 23 April 2013

Wallstreet — Just moments ago, the Associated Press stated that their Twitter account was hacked which allowed the release of  a fake “tweet” about a terror attack, which caused an immediate market “flash crash” dropping the DOW over 100 points in minutes.  The AP quickly responded to counter the false news break, and the markets [...] Continue Reading

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FOX 31 Denver “Ambushes” Local Private Gun Sellers

Post date 22 April 2013

Denver — A (for the moment) anonymous Denver area resident recently used a popular sportsman’s community web site called “Armslist” (www.armslist.com) while attempting to sell a 22 caliber rifle to another private party. Continue Reading

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FOX Removes Boston Marathon Family Guy Episode While Supporting “Hoax” Idea

Post date 17 April 2013

USA — After a video circulated the Internet yesterday showing two scenes from a March episode of the Family Guy, “The Turban Cowboy”, which many Continue Reading

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Breaking News: Two Explosions at Finish Line of Boston Marathon Hurt Dozens

Post date 15 April 2013

Boston –  About 45 minutes ago, two separate explosions near the finish line of the famous Boston Marathon panicked spectators and athletes as dozens or more were injured [UPDATE: current report shows 2 dead, 23 wounded]. According to an NBC News reporter on site, the explosions were about 15 seconds apart and police are blocking [...] Continue Reading

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